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  • A problem has emerged in the application that has served the Music Lending Scheme Online for eleven years. Lists of scores registered in the MLS may be browsed as usual upon following the link "To the database".  But it is not possible now to access information about the holders of the scores there. This problem appeared following some alterations that were made during maintenance work on the database.  But even after close examination the cause remains obscure.

  • The service provider has in hand a project to transfer this service to a "cloud" host.  Such a move is now both economically and technically feasible, and desirable.  It is the decision of the service provider that his effort should remain focussed on that objective.  Therefore, other new resources that are available and which have been under test for a long time will be brought into service to provide the facility that has been lost.  These services are the "Music Lending Scheme Search Panel" and the "Search Page".

  • It has become evident that subscribers prefer a tabular presentation of the information rather than a fully search based approach.  Therefore the link "To the database" remains to allow users to scan content in the usual way and to find the scores they seek.   However, to access information about holders, either the MLS Search Panel or the Search Page must be used. 

  • Once the score desired has been located in the tabular presentation, the service user should assemble three items of information as illustrated here:
    for example: Bach and Jesu Meine Freude and Bärenreiter
    No element of a search string (that is to say, no SURNAME, SCORENAME or PUBLISHERNAME) should be longer than 28 characters.  Elements must be linked by the word "and", as they are in the example.

  • The most direct, and the simplest way to use this search string is to open the MLS Search Panel and to copy the string into the Contains search the MLS box.

  • A development of the Canberra Choral Society's National Music Lending Scheme.

  • The Secure Home Page link takes subscribers directly into their own secure area.  Access is by name and password.

  • When problems arise, or if you have suggestions for improvements, please email

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